Writing a Thrilling Action Hero

Action is pretty much king in TV as well as films these days, which means that knowing as much as possible about writing action and the heroes who use it is a requirement for establishing a writing career. This article from Screenwriting 101 gives us the much-needed basics on our action-packed subject:

by Eric Owusu

No, this isn't DIE HARD. It's a character without whom there couldn't have been a DIE HARD. Good ole...whatsisname?
No, this isn’t DIE HARD. It’s a character without whom there couldn’t have been a DIE HARD. Good ole…whatsisname?

Die Hard is ranked in many opinions as one of the greatest Action-Adventure movies ever made. But it wouldn’t be so highly regarded if its screenplay were unimaginative. Writers Jeb Stuart and Steven E. DeSouza crafted a screenplay that moves, introduces characters fluidly, and conveys fast-paced action scenes and tension in creative and thrilling ways.

When writing your own action screenplay, it’s your job to give the hero(s) several things that will make them pop to readers and audiences, and stand the test of time. read article