How to Go from Working at the Apple Store to Writing Comedy for TV

Yes, it’s true. Successful television writers aren’t born that way. They’re real people with actual and often obnoxious jobs first. This is the story of one of the lucky ones who made his writing dream come true:

midnightcomedycentralby Joe Berkowitz

People move to Los Angeles every day to embark upon careers in the promised land of show business. Most of them end up dwelling in entertainment purgatory. Nobody knows exactly which factors set people on the path from nowhere to somewhere, but talent is only part of the equation. The rest of it seems to involve some dark-arts combination of making connections and working your ass off. For Matt Mira, both happened once he became a Genius.

Like many other ambitious young writers who have bills to pay, Mira began working at a job completely removed from the field he hoped to conquer. He was an Apple Genius Bar employee, toiling away the hours with dysfunctional iPhones. Amazingly enough, though, it was this very gig that indirectly launched Mira’s writing career and took him where he is today. read article