Top Rumor of the Day

…Any day. Forgive us while we indulge another of TVWriter™’s obsessions:

by Alanna Bennett

Whovians, rejoice! Maybe? According to recent reports, Tom Baker–the fourth incarnation of the Doctor–will return to Doctor Who next year for the big 50th anniversary extravaganza. On the show from 1974 to 1981, Baker is now 78 and, according to admittedly rumory rumors, se to reprise his role…now outlet upon outlet are reporting that he will indeed be coming back to Who next season, and we’d be happy to have him back on our screens. We certainly are fans of his scarf.

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What? You say this is just an excuse to tell the 4th Doctor we love him? Of course it isn’t. This is news, son, news. Why, in an alternate timeline somewhere the rumors are being confirmed right now.

Still Infatuated After All These…Weeks

The Doctor Puppet! The Doctor Puppet! More episodes, more conveniently scheduled, and every bit as exciting as that other Who thing:

I really needed some culture so I headed into Manhattan to visit Lincoln Center. The American Ballet Theatre was performing Romeo and Juliet, but I decided not to see it. When I get my TARDIS I think I’ll pay ol’ Will another visit and catch the original.

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