Help Me, Harmon (Um, That Would Be Dan, Not Mark)

by ladyfan

When NBC announced Dan Harmon’s departure from the show Community, a shock wave echoed across the Internet – at least in the households of the shows’ fans, many of whom, in addition to watching the show, religiously follow Harmon’s tumblr (whose entries are often geared toward them) and Twitter. There was an immediate backlash from these folks, who considered Harmon synonymous with the show’s success – and it revealed an interesting trend that’s emerging in TV culture right now. read article

Proof of the Old TV Axiom – In Any Fight Between the Star & the Producer Pick the Star

by Larry Brody

If you’ve been following the adventures of COMMUNITY, you know that the show’s creator/showrunner/head imagineer, Dan Harmon was recently fired (as in his option not being picked up) when the show was unexpectedly renewed. Which meant a lot of interweb speculation on whether Chevy Chase, with whom Harmon definitely did not get along, would or would not return.

Why the speculation existed is beyond me. The minute Harmon was out, it was inevitable that Chevy would be in. Because that’s what the whole brouhaha had to be about. “The star works for the producer the first season. After that, the producer works for the star.” TV words to live by, remember?

When you get down to it, there aren’t really any ensemble shows (with the possible exception of THE OFFICE), no matter what the network flacks say. If a major star is part of the group, or a member of the group becomes a major star, executive starfuckers immediately circle around him/her and start sucking. That’s what they went into  showbiz for – to hang near the front of the entourage. read article