Have You Been to the Web Series Channel?

Web Series Capture

Yeppers, it’s an interweb site that’s just what its name says – a place to see some of the best peer produced series indie TV has to offer.

Also some of the not-so-best, but, hey, that’s what makes horse races, right? Besides, which, our tastes do tend to vary. Shows we at TVWriter™ love may not sit so well with some of our visitors and vice versa.

There’s something for everyone here. Live action. Drama. Animation. Drama. With titles like SUPER LIFE, #JUST SAYING, 101 WAYS TO GET REJECTED, and a couple hundred more.

Most importantly for many of our visitors, WSC is open for submissions, so if you have a series that needs a bigger audience than your mother, your boyfriend or girlfriend, and yourself, get yourself over to Web Series Channel and SUBMIT. (No, not that kind of submission. At least, we don’t think so.)

We believe WSC to be a very important site and urge all our visitors, especially the peer producers, to support it, and to investigate how it can help support you.  With that in mind, the place to click to and investigate is HERE.