Whatever Happened to…’Automan?’

Yeppers, that’s Automan (Chuck Wagner) standing between his creator, Walter Nebbisher (Desi Arnaz, Jr.) and his very special – oh, you guessed it – Autocar. (He also had a little Tinkerbelle style sidekick named “Cursor.”

Once upon a time (1983, to be exact) there was a TV series called Automan, starring Desi Arnaz Jr. and Chuck Wagner, and Executive Produced and mostly written by none other than our favorite Beloved Leader, Larry Brody.

The show didn’t last all that long – twelve episodes, to be exact one more time – but over the years it’s become a cult classic because that’s what happens to shows that are way ahead of their time, especially shows that are the first to do something very, very special.

How do we know that Automan is a cult classic? Not from the residual checks that LB isn’t getting, that’s for sure. We know it because here and now, in the otherwise Not So Glorious Year of Our Lorde 2017, cool stuff video graphics software maker Red Giant is giving us – hehehe – this David Hewlett-starring parody: read article