Do Anti-Piracy Practices Inevitably Lead to More Piracy?

…Or is the subject of this article just plain old greed (inevitably leading to more piracy)?

ABC’s 7 Day Streaming Delay Triggers Piracy Surge
by Ernesto

Two weeks ago ABC stopped offering free access to its TV-shows the day after they air on television. The TV-studio took this drastic step in the hope of getting more people to pay for their content, but this idea just backfired. TV viewers are outraged by the decision and have massively turned to pirated sources to watch their favorite

One of the main motivations for people to download and stream TV-shows from unauthorized sources is availability. If fans can’t get a show through legal channels they turn to pirated alternatives.

This is one of the reasons why Hulu and Netflix drastically decreased TV-show piracy in the U.S. Viewers are happy with these legal streaming options, but not all studios see that as a success.

Starting last Monday, ABC began delaying the availability of new episodes on Watch ABC and Hulu. Viewers without a cable subscription or Hulu Plus account now have to wait a full week before they can catch up with their favorite show online.

With this move ABC hopes to generate extra revenue, However, at the same time they are boosting piracy of their shows, and not just by a few percent.

Research by Tru Optik shows that the number of BitTorrent downloads for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s winter premiere skyrocketed.

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