Read the 2013 SPEC SCRIPTACULAR Prize Winning Scripts


Today being July 1st, 2014, AKA the opening day for entries into the 2014 TVWriter™ Spec Scriptacular Contest, we’ve gotten our butts in gear to do what we did last January at the opening of this year’s People’s Pilot – post the winning scripts from last year’s contest.

We’re proud as we can be to present as many of the winning Spec Scriptacular scripts from the 2013 running of that contest, as we have permission to, in the hope that reading them will help you with your own work and enhance your confidence in it as well – especially those of you who are gearing up to enter the 2014 running. read article


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You read the headline, kids. The SS is open. With a 30% Early Bird Discount. What else can we say – except CLICK HERE for more?!