Superman vs. The Hulk the Way We Wanted It to be

Monday Mix-Up: Superman vs. The Hulk

by Glenn Hauman

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Are all TV writers, or near-TV writers comics fans? We here at TVWriter™ sure are. So we were delighted to find this at ComicMix.Com.

Creator Michael Habjan is obviously as talented and all hell and will be running the film biz in no time, but still we’re forced to say that although technically he does one hell of a great job and this is really cool, we always imagined a fight between these two being a little wilder.

No, wait, let’s be honest. We always figured that the Hulk would show himself as an even bigger badass than he does here, so like every fan who finds fault with someone else’s take we’re, um, finding fault. And dying to know where all of you stand on an issue as earth-shaking as this.



EDITED TO ADD: Apologies! We found Parts 1 and 2 and are now thinking that our original opinion is invalid. Both Superman and the Hulk are way badass here, and either the music owes a big debt to our beloved SILVER SURFER animated series or the SURFER series owes just as big a debt to Propellerhead. Go see this. Hold it close. Make it your baby.




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  1. Wait! I just noticed that this is Part 2. And when I went to YouTube I found Part 3. WHERE’S PART 1!?!?!?

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