Sunday International Film Maker News Part 1

Writers in India have a union! Is that cool or what? It ain’t the WGAW or WGAE, but definitely a step in the direction of writer protection:

download-672x372by Sharada Kalamadi

News related to Bollywood Production Houses being dragged into copyright infringement lawsuits by writers, does not cause even the slight rise of the brow, of late. While most of these lawsuits are filed just before the release of films, they leave producers of these films apprehensive and in a case of once bitten-twice shy, the producers are leaving no stone unturned to avoid this last minute trouble.

One of the measures taken by many of the production houses is to make it mandatory for writers to register their script with the Film Writers Association before a narration. In this post, we will have a quick look at the functioning of Film Writers Association, Mumbai.

Organisation – Film Writers Association (FWA) is a registered Trade Union of writers of the films/TV programs. They could be story writers, dialogue writers, lyrics writers, scriptwriters, poets etc. Novelists and authors diversifying into films are also members of the FWA.

Mission – FWA is the body of the writers, for the writers and by the writers. FWA’s foremost mission is to get writers their salt’s worth.

Duties & Purposes –

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