Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Control

To quote TVWriter™ minion’s Very Close Friend the Freudian Psychiatrist:

It isn’t the situations you find yourself in that are stressing you out, it’s your reactions to them!

That being the case, here’s some good advice about how to handle your self-sabotaging mind and, you know, get some productive writing or reading or viewing or even living done.

How do you handle this situation? You ^%#! run!

by Amanda Caswell

The fact of the matter is that life is filled with uncertainty and our ability to discern between the uncertainties we should act on and those we should just accept is key to our own happiness.

At the root of our desire to control the circumstances life throws at us is simply our survival instinct. If we have complete control over everything, we can avoid insecurities, discomfort, and self-doubt. In essence, control is a measure of protection.[1]

Without it, we are left with feelings of despair, powerlessness, or even rage. But no matter what concerns you hold close to your heart, worrying about them is no way to live. The anxiety you feel from worry can actually stop you from enjoying greater personal growth.[2] So how do you train your mind to stop worrying about things you can’t control? The following solutions should be helpful in enabling you to tone down your anxiety about the future.

Face Your Fears

In many ways, confronting your fears head-on can be helpful and even cathartic. You can do this on a daily or weekly basis by writing down what makes you anxious. Whether it’s worrying about what people think of you, what the day will bring, or anything else, simply sitting and rationally examining your fears can help you gain perspective.

When you take a deep dive into what you’re worried about, you may find that if you break those feelings down, many of them are based on fear of situations that are extremely unlikely to occur, or are of little consequence. Facing your fears can help you understand your own motivations; self-knowledge is an important aspect of achieving inner peace….

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