Stareable.Com and the New TV Paradigm


EDITOR’S NOTE: We at TVWriter™ don’t often promote new web ventures because doing the best it can for our visitors and accepting paid advertising for other sites just don’t mix as far as we’re concerned.

But there we were, a few weeks ago, looking around the interwebs for an easier way to find a web series or two or two thousand to watch, and we found a site that totally knocked us out: Stareable.

We reached out to its head honcho and invited him to tell everybody who comes to TVWriter™ what it’s all about. Here’s what he had to say:

by Ajay Kishore

I’m a TV fanatic. I especially would binge watch web series like The Outs and Cop Show because they could be counted on to offer me something new. But it didn’t take me very long to run out of episodes, and then I would struggle to find what to watch next.

I knew there was stuff out there, but YouTube was like the ocean and it felt stupid to google “comedy web series.” It was odd that there wasn’t a better way to find what web series to watch. So I thought, maybe that’s something worth working on.

When I thought about it more, I realized two things were important:

1) you want to be able to find shows across all genres and platforms all in one place

2) you want reviews and recommendations, so you can separate out what’s quality and what fits your tastes.

I quit my desk job, hired a team, and bought an excellent selection of snacks. Together, we set to work creating Stareable.Com. Over the past two years, we’ve collected thousands of web series in one place, making it easy for users to browse shows, leave reviews, and find new, awesome content to watch.

In addition to constantly adding new shows to our library, we are proud to empower web series creators by cultivating a community where independent productions can thrive. We love web series for their diversity; it’s a medium that allows up-and-coming, independent artists from every background to voice their creative visions.

The way I see it, television in general will inevitably become much more independent. The notion that a great show has to be produced by a big channel/production studio is outdated. Seriously, watch some web series. You’ll be blown away by the talent in this industry!

We’ve come across nascent series that have maybe a thousand views but are completely brilliant. We’re excited to help spotlight these shows and their creators and get them the fans they deserve. In fact, to promote this talent, we started a blog on Medium where we interview web series creators and offer the latest news for people navigating the web series industry.

It’s our chance to digitally wave our hands and say “hey guys, you need to watch this show”, while also helping to solve the problem that started all this: namely, “argh, there is so much content and I don’t have time, just tell me what to watch!”

At Stareable, we’re also aware that traditional media has embraced web series like never before. The production quality of shows has skyrocketed and we’re excited to see established shows and networks, like Comedy Central or The Walking Dead, create web series of their own.

Our task is to keep up with the ever-expanding web series universe. We aim to be comprehensive—if a show exists we want it to be listed our site—and useful by curating lists of shows that help people find content that they want to watch.

We’re excited for what we’ve built but more importantly for where we’re going. We plan to continue to evolve the site and include more shows and would love suggestions and feedback on both. We hope you’ll take a good, long look at what we’re doing, and then, please, don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s something we could do better or a show we could be listing.

Welcome to the future at Stareable.Com!

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