Spec Scriptacular Early Bird Discount Ending Soon


In case you missed this Oh-So-Important Email we sent earlier today to those on our Email List:

The 2015 TVWriter™ SCRIPT SPECTACULAR is open till the end of the day December 1, 2015. But your chance to take advantage of our Early Bird Entry Discount Ends Next Week.

Here’s the deal: The regular entry price is $50, but up to and including Tuesday, September First it’s Early Bird Discount time, making the cost of each entry only $35.

What? Your script isn’t ready yet? Have no fear. Once you’ve paid you have the option of uploading your entry immediately or holding onto/finishing/revising it and uploading at any time up to the very last minute – 11:59 pm Pacific Time – of December 1, 2015.

Save big bucks (especially if you have or are going to have more than one entry). ENTER HERE

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Learn more about THE SPEC SCRIPTACULAR HERE

More about the prizes HERE

Break a leg!

Team TVWriter™

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