Some Words About THE MATRIX Screenplay

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What ‘The Matrix’ Screenplay Taught Me – by Jason McKinnon

Many years ago, when I first started devouring screenplays, I purchased The Matrix: The Shooting Draft.  A couple hours later, my outlook on screenwriting had changed forever.

The Wachowski Brothers’ script literally redefined the way I looked at writing screenplays.


Clarity & Detail

A movie as complicated as The Matrix has to carefully tow the line between originality and confusion.

When you are creating something that no one has ever seen before, it can be easy to assume that people will know what you are talking about.

I wrote and directed movie a while back that was heavily based on my own sense of humor and inside jokes that only my circle of friends understood.  I wanted to see if they would work on screen and truthfully, while it did work, it was a lot harder to articulate in the script.  Once we were on set, I could do impressions and show the actors what I wanted but it still has to work on the page.

Imagine how challenging it must have been for the Wachowski brothers to describe their mind blowing action film.  Everything had to be clear in their minds and then expressed in writing.  Not an easy task to accomplish.

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