Shake Hands with *Real* STAR TREK Tech

Ah, Gene Roddenberry, what hast thou created?

Just about everything cool, apparently.


Navigraphic Shows Us How Close We Are To Technology From Star Trek
by Amy Ratcliffe

star trek navigraphic

Even though we’ve made some significant leaps and bounds in technology since Star Trek first premiered, we’ve got a long way to go before we can travel through space like the Enterprise. I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing medical tricorders, phasers, and transporters were real. musicMagpie has created an interactive Star Trek Navigraphic to explore the inventions of the series and also to examine how far away we are from achieving similar advances.

You can board three replicas of bridges from various Enterprises – each one was created using Paramount’s archive images and footage. You’ll learn about hyposprays, Geordi LaForge’s visor, and much more.

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Lucky LB, who got to work with Roddenberry, learn from Roddenberry, hang with Roddenberry. Hell, our Leader even got paid by Roddenberry!

And, yes, he teases us with a little about it HERE.