See the New Series POWERS on the web – Free!


POWERS is a new series that’s going to available on neither TV nor the interwebs but instead via Play Station. It’s a superhero thing, adapted from an existing comic book by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, which on its face might repel as many people as it attracts, but we like the specifics of the concept. A superhero loses his powers and becomes a cop, but still ends up working with superheroes…and against them as well.

For “a limited time only,” (nope, we dunno how long that really means), you can see the first episode on YouTube. Or even right here and right now:

And of course there’s, you know, the absolutely essential YouTube trailer:

Whatever you think of this series, you gotta love having another new way of having a show delivered! (Especially if you already have a Play Station and don’t have to shell out all that dough.)

NOTE FROM LB: I’ve just watched the first episode and think that all in all it’s terrific. Too much talk, exposition-wise, but the story and characters are very compelling to me. It had the same effect on me that reading WATCHMEN did many years ago. (As opposed to viewing the WATCHMEN film not so many years ago.) So now I’ve got to figure out how to see the rest without having to buy me a Play Station. Curious about what you guys will think when you see it, so let me know.