Ryan Reynolds is a Producer Now

No, we don’t know what he is otherwise. Some kind of actor? Anyway:

ABC is developing a dramedy called BETWEEN PARK AND LEX, written by Maria Maggenti and produced by Ryan Reynolds and Allan Loeb’s company (which we mention because it has a cool name), DarkFire TV, and another company (which we mention because it illustrates the incestuousness of the Biz), ABC Productions.

PARK AND LEX is about a mother and daughter who work day jobs but also moonlight together solving crimes. Not to be confused with the long-cancelled series THE HUNTRESS, which was about a mother and daughter who work together at the same day job as bounty hunters and in order to fulfill their duties also solve crimes.

Well, maybe this version will be better.

Oh, hey, we just found out who Ryan Reynolds is (praise be to The Google). This guy was Green Lantern and he’s still considered hot?

Ain’t life grand?