Reboots, Revivals & Remakes: Enough!!!

Here’s something that surprised even the most jaded TVWriter™ minions. Emily Longeretta, columnist at what probably is the most “fannish” TV column on the interwebs, has come out and said something, well, to us it’s something wonderful: “Even as a nostalgia-lover, I’m over it.” But why trust us when you can see for yourself:

does-new-content-not-exist-anymore-lead (1)by Emily Longeretta

I could sing Uncle Jesse’s ‘Forever’ in my sleep; I’m dying to know who Rory ends up with; and honestly, I wasn’t sure if I still believed without Mulder and Scully. But even I am ready to throw in the overused towel.

How much is too much? Well, this is it. It seems that as a TV writer, every day there is news breaking of a new TV show being remade or rebooted — either the original cast is coming back and picking up where they left off, or a whole new group is taking on the original story. Either way, the ideas are still one thing: old.

 When the Saved by the Bell cast famously reunited on The Tonight Show a little over a year ago, we all went wild: seeing the actors who portrayed friends that pretty much grew up with us was an exciting feeling. However, a “tv reunion” doesn’t really exist anymore. Now, instead of getting a few actors together for a Jimmy Fallontype segment, networks create full-on reboots!

I’m not complaining about the nostalgic feelings — I could spend every day watching Dawson’s Creek reruns and die a happy person: TV was different then and many, like me, enjoyed it more. I get it. But at this point, the number of shows on TV that are just recycling or recreating old content is getting a little ridiculous.

Shows ended for a reason….

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