Reality Troy DeVolld Now Available for Showbiz-Reality Show Consults

Troy is one of our favorite peeps. Super smart son of a bitch knows everything:

Podcast / Consulting / Small Thoughts
by Troy DeVolld

20120902113259-remembergraphicHi, all!

Just finished editing the first episode of the REMEMBER, WE’RE NOT HERE podcast with the remarkable Joey Ortega of Howie Mandel’s Alevy Productions.  Watch the blog for an announcement of the start date.  Future guests are being lined up, and it’ll be a perfect compliment to the blog.  Sometimes general, sometimes VERY inside baseball, I hope there’ll be something in it for everyone.

I’m also not currently on a show, and while I’m using the downtime to develop new ideas to try to sell, please know that I’m also making myself available for consults again.  If you are interested in a phone consult on your career, series concept, or “other,” drop me a line at realitytvtroy[at]

In closing, here are a few small thoughts I’ve had recently that don’t quite warrant complete blog entries:

  • Be loyal, but don’t be stupid.
  • If you and an employer part ways, try to keep it positive.  You may not be remembered for why you left, but you will most certainly be remembered for how you left.
  • Unrealistic expectations are the norm in reality television now.  Before you beat yourself up, remember — if you can’t meet an impossible deadline, it’s because the deadline was impossible.  Often, this is a result of a network approving a lower budget than is actually needed to execute the show.  Do your best, but if you are working a hundred hours a week at a flat salary to push the show out the door, it’s okay to want to go somewhere else.  What’s not okay is for you to stay and complain about the situation all day, further polluting an already toxic and depressing situation.