Read the Writers Guild of America West Magazine Online

Click here to get the mag. Or click the pic directly above. Who says the world isn’t filled with great choices?

A lot of writers don’t know about Written By, the WGAW’s irregularly published magazine about screen and TV writing and writers.

And a lot of those who do are unable to find it on their local – i.e. Google Play or iTunes or even brick and mortar – magazine rack.

But Written By is out there. It’s real. (So real that even our BLLB used to write for it.) And, if you go to the right place, it’s free. All of it.

Yeppers, that’s the truth. The Biggest of the Big and Baddest of the Bad in the world of screen and TV writing – i.e. WGA members – share their stories/secrets/tricks/tips. Absolutely the bestest writing magazine anywhere.

Even including Readers Digest. Who’d a’thunk?

The current issues brings you articles about, or by, such luminaries as Spike Jonze, Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis, Billy Ray and much, much more. To read it, you can click over to WGA.Org, or, it you’re pressed for time, you can simply CLICK HERE.

Making it as a writer starts with accumulating all the knowledge you can. This mag is a hell of a place to begin that journey.