Read the 2013 PEOPLE’S PILOT Prize Winning’ Scripts


Last year, TVWriter™ re-instituted an old custom and posted the winning People’s Pilot and Spec Scriptacular scripts from the contests which ended in June of 2012.

This year, we’re proud to present the winning People’s Pilot scripts from the contest that ended June 1, 2013, in the hope that reading them will enhance your own work, especially those of you who are gearing up to enter the 2014 running which opens – OMG! – tomorrow, January 1st, 2014.

Read! Learn! Enjoy!


One-Hour Show Pilots

First Prize–LAWMAN (AKA HAMER) by Robin Russin & Greg Klein

Second Prize–IN THE CUT by William Maurer

Third Prize–FRIENDS OF DOROTHY by Giorgis Despotakis

Half-Hour Show Pilots

Second Prize–LET’S GET SPUNKY: WISE GUYS FINISH LAST by Robert Glenn Plotner

Third Prize–BOBBY BOTELLI, GM by Edwin Daniel Beach

(NOTE: The Half Hour First Prize Winner, AD GAME by Greg Wayne, is unavailable.)

TVWriter™ thanks Robin Russin, Greg Klein, William Maurer, Giorgis Despotakis, Robert Glenn Plotner, and Edwin Daniel Beach for making their award-winning teleplays available for all to see.

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