People’s Pilot Winner Takes Major Austin Film Fest Honors

Greg Wayne’s very special Austin Film Fest award for more than his typing skills at Greg’s very own place at the banquet table!

This just in from 2013 PEOPLE’S PILOT Half-Hour Category Winner Greg Wayne:

Hey, TVWriter™, I won the award for best TV Comedy Spec for my Broad City episode (Ilana struggles to earn the best office chair at Deals Deals Deals/ Bevers thinks Abbi is in love with him).

Also, my Empire spec made finals in the TV Drama Spec category.

And my feature screenplay TINY HAIRLESS PENIS made it to the semi-finals in the Comedy Feature category, and was one of five scripts chosen for a live reading at the festival, which was really cool and made me realize I WAY overwrite action blocks 🙂

Big congrats to Wayne, his Broad City and Empire scripts and, of course, his TINY HAIRLESS PENIS. We knew you could do it, dood.

And we also think you, out there reading this, can do it too. You can start by entering this year’s PEOPLE’S PILOT…but OMG! you better hurry cuz tomorrow’s the last day for entries!