What do we mean by “soon?” In this case, our definition is:

“Holy Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin of God! The Early Bird Discounts for this year’s TVWriter™ contests end in less than one %$@!ing month!”

No, no, this isn’t the time for total panic, future entrants. The contests themselves don’t end until June 1st. But we’d really like to save you some bucks.

Here’s the situation. The cost of entering both the 22nd PP and the 19th SS is normally $40. But we’ve got this 25% discount thing going till March 1st. From now until 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) March 1, 2013, the entry fee is only $30, and included in that fee, btw, is feedback on everything properly submitted.

And, yes, we’re all for entrants taking advantage of the discount by paying now even if your teleplays & screenplays aren’t ready. As long as you upload your work by June 1 (at 11:59 PM Pacific Time), all is cool. So why not save a few bucks, enter a great contest, and, you know, jump-start that TV and screenwriting career you’ve always dreamed of?

Get all the details about the new prizes, categories, and freebies on our official announcement post HERE.

And then take advantage of the Early Bird Discount and enter, of course by going to:

The People’s Pilot
The Spec Scriptacular

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