PEOPLE’S PILOT Finalists are Here

For contest ending June 1, 2012

BLISS by Steve Elliott – Action/Drama

CARGO by Aaron Walker Sr. – Action/Drama

DR.HOPE ON CALL by Anyes Van Volkenburgh – Sitcom

GREASY SPOON: THE ARMADILLO by Antonio Gangemi & Aimee Parrott – Sitcom

MILLTOWN by Bob Gookin – Action/Drama

NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD: A NEW BEGINNING by Corinna Luise Mendis – Sitcom

SHAMAN by Eric Ian Steele – Action/Drama

SIX STRING by Peter Sawyer & Nikhil Potdar – Sitcom

THE B-TEAM by Shaan Kirpalani & Edward Salazar – Sitcom

THE FLOCK by Christina Pamies – Action/Drama

THE NERD HERD by Jared Reise – Sitcom

This is without a doubt the best group of Finalists the People’s Pilot has ever had, and we are, in a word, very impressed. (So impressed that it took two words.)

Our congratulations to the fine writers named here for the genuine excellence of your projects.

Now brace yourselves because in two weeks we’ll be presenting the Winners! (EDITED TO ADD: Because next week will bring the Spec Scriptacular Finalists, whoo!)

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  1. Thank you! I feel truly honored and blessed to have made it to the finals!
    Thanks again to everyone at, and to “The Brode”

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