PEOPLE’S PILOT 2019 is Rockin’ On

People's Pilot 2019

As many of you already know, PEOPLE’S PILOT 2019 opened Saturday, June 1st, and, man, did it start with a bang.

As the showbiz trade press might put it, we had a boffo opening weekend, the highest-grossing in the history of TVWriter™ and PEOPLE’S PILOT.

We’re pleased with the success of PEOPLE’S PILOT 2019’s Special Opening Weekend Discount and hope as many of you as possible will take advantage of our current low June Monthly Entry Fee of only $30 for all regular entries and $25 for web and audio series. The $30 price will be good until the very last minute of June 30, after which it will be replaced by —

Waitaminnit! How about this for an idea? Here, from TVWriter™ AKA The Masters of Overthink, is our complete schedule of fees for PEOPLE’S PILOT 2019. So you can, you know, plan accordingly.

  • June 1-30
    $30/regular entry + $25/web & audio series
  • July 1-31
    $35/regular entry + $25/web & audio series
  • August 1-31
    $40/regular entry + $25/web & audio series
  • September 1-30
    $45/regular entry + $25/web & audio series
  • October 1-31
    $50/regular entry + $25/web & audio series
  • November 1

Assorted Flash Sales will be held throughout the entry period, so keep your eyes on the TVWriter™ and PEOPLE’S PILOT websites for announcements.

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Thanks for everything from LB & Team TVWriter™!

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