PEOPLE’S PILOT 2017 Writing Contest Fee Update

Yeah, these 2 guys won more in their competition than you will in the PP. But let’s face it – what M & M did the other night is a whole lot harder than breaking a story!

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As we’ve said a time or two before, the PEOPLE’S PILOT 2017 is up and running and wants your entry!

But here’s something we haven’t talked about before. Another brand new expansion of everybody’s favorite TV writing contest. (And film writing too because you know your film script would be a terrific pilot, right?)

Not only do we at TVWriter™ and the PEOPLE’S PILOT believe that electronic media are the future of entertainment, we also believe that creating your own web series is hands down the best way to enter that future.

First, having your own web series gives you absolute creative control over the project, ensuring that your work and creativity are at their absolute best.

Second, more and more major broadcast, cable, and satellite networks and channels are aggressively competing to sign series deals with creators they’ve discovered on YouTube, Vimeo, and other web video and personal web pages.

Because of this, PEOPLE’S PILOT 2017 now offers a new Web Series Pilot Discount Entry Fee so that you can enter the opening episode of your intended web series for only $35, a 30% discount off the standard $50 fee.

‘Web Series’ isn’t a new PEOPLE’S PILOT category. Those remain ‘Scripted Comedy Series’ and ‘Scripted Drama/Action Series.’

In other words, Web series will be competing on the same playing field as their longer siblings. Which we believe is proper because let’s face it. Nobody becomes a writing star unless they’re absolutely the best of all comers.

Is there a catch? Sort of. To qualify for the discount, your script must be no longer than 15 pages. Because a 15 minute teleplay pretty much serves notice of its web series intention.

PEOPLE’S PILOT Prizes and entry bonuses total over $20,000 and include free feedback from industry pros for all entries as well as $$$, free writing classes, free script consults, InkTip.Com listings, an international script development deal with DreamSaga Group of China, and much more.

In recent years, over 2 dozen Winners, Finalists and Semi-Finalists of TVWriter™ contests have gotten gigs on the staffs of some of your favorite electronic media shows. The last day on which to enter this year’s contest is November 1, 2017

Complete PEOPLE’S PILOT info is HERE

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Larry Brody & Team TVWriter™

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