People’s Pilot 2012 Contest Semi-Finalists Will Be Announced Next Week

Okay, so we’re not announcing 1st Place yet…but we’ll get there soon!

For those who’ve forgotten – after it all it has sorta been awhile – the 2012 running of TVWriter™’s People’s Pilot TV Writing Contest closed June 1st of this year, and we promised to start announcing the various finishers in mid-September. Life, however, is full of surprises, and every so often one of them is even good, so we’re proud to announce the good news (not to be mistaken for the “Good News” of religious fame) which is:

We’re ahead of schedule, darlin’s. And although our official People’s Pilot News Page hedges a bit and says, “Semi-Finalists will be announced by the end of August!” (how do you hedge with an exclamation point?) we’re here to tell you right now that we’ll be spreading the joy sometime in the week of August 13th.

Be there (um, that’s really here) or be square.

Here’s the official news announcement thingie.