Peggy Bechko: Out Over the Blogisphere


by Peggy Bechko

Over time I’ve done a lot of blog posts, guesting at some sites, creating posts for my own blog. You know, trying to toss out little helps, hints, website links that are fun and helpful for writers and readers. It’s fun and believe it or not it actually adds to my own writing, bolstering it in a way I can’t really explain.

The flip side of writing blogs is reading them. And I follow quite a few. Some make me smile, others are informative, some give me heartburn and others inspire while still others manage a weird combination. I enjoy blogs, squeeze in reading them at lunch with my Kindle online, sometimes late in the evening before bed, sometimes on the move when traveling from one place to another (no, now while I’m actually driving!); on a train, plane (hanging out in an airport actually) or as a passenger.

Why am I telling you all this? Simple, really, I was reading a friend’s blog (a friend I met in cyberspace who’s become quite the blogger) Seumas Gallacher (his blog is over at and he made the point of how valuable it is for bloggers to share with others which blogs out there are great to read. He even started up a hashtag over on twitter #TBSU for The Blog Scratchers Union as a way of bloggers promoting bloggers who have something real to say.

Some blogs are pretty stagnant, yet are worth reading even if the posts are a couple of years old and it doesn’t look like there’ll be many, if any, more.

Some are much more like this one – Larry Brody’s TV Writer. Lots of great posts by lots of folks with lots of information and opinions. Plenty of stuff going on when the blogmaster arranges for new blog posts at least once a week – and many more than that.
I particularly enjoy it when someone goes off on a rant whether I can relate or even if it’s an experience I haven’t had. It can be a real eye-opener and even become fodder for a story. Those types of blogs are usually primarily if not entirely about the blogger him or her self. And that’s okay, that’s great, we don’t all have to be about informing or saving the world.

Now some blogs aren’t going to be to your taste, but the ones that appeal are definitely worth following; and leaving your own little footprint by commenting, mentioning the blog on twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook or wherever. You might even throw in the hashtag TBSU if you tweet. I’ve found a couple of fun blogs using that list. And if you blog yourself you might pick up a few new followers along the way as well.

So I’m going to go ahead and join in the ‘blog scratching’ and mention a couple of blogs I like at the bottom of blogs I do on a frequent basis. Make of them what you will. Meanwhile I’m having a great time.

In addition to TVWriter’s fabulous blog (which you’re plainly now following) I recommend:

My own of course at

M. Pax’s author blog (sci fi writer)

And writer of comic books & animal lover

So until next time folks…