Peer Production: Web Series Festival & Awards Guide


Snobby Robot, home for info on all things having to do with internet type TV series. (Is there an in, hip, and trendy name for interweb series? Tell us so we can use it) has gone out and created this truly helpful guide for web series mavens who want to get their shows noticed and their selves, you know, rewarded. Talk about valuable pieces of work:

by Erik Urtz

Looking to screen your series at a web fest, or maybe put your show in competition at an awards show? Here is our straight-to-the-point guide to what’s out there, when the deadlines are and how much it’s going to cost you. Feel free to post your thoughts on festivals, or any updates I may have missed in the comments.

LA Web Fest

When: March 26-30 2014

Where: Los Angeles, CA. Radison Hotel at LAX



  • Regular Deadline: August 10-October 15th, 2013 $50
  • Extended Deadline: October 16 – December 20th, $75
  • Late Deadline: December 21 – February 10th, 2014 $90

Vancouver Web Fest

When: May 2nd-4th 2014



  • Early Entry (September 1st 2013 – September 30th 2013)
  • Entry Fee: $50 (Canadian)
  • Regular Entry (October 1st 2013 – December 15th 2013)
  • Entry Fee: $65
  • Late Entry (December 16th 2013 – January 15th 2014)
  • Entry Fee: $80

Hollyweb Festival

When: April 4th-6th 2014

Where: Hollywood, California



  • Early Entry (June 1st-July 31st 2013):
  • Short Form: $50 (One or more episodes, under 10 minutes total)
  • Long Form: $60 (One episode, between 10 and 20 minutes)
  • Regular Entry (August 1st-November 30th 2013):
  • Short Form: $60
  • Long Form: $70
  • Late Entry (December 1st-January 15th 2014):
  • Short Form: $70
  • Long Form: $80

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