Peer Production: SCRATCH & SNIFF


A web series! With episodes even!

And guess what? You can do the same thing. Only maybe even better. Not that we don’t like the whole post-ironic deliberately mis-timed and therefore funny-in-an-insider-kind-of-way thing, but…well, this series is so subtle that we still can’t tell if what it’s doing is deliberate or not.

This is the first time we’ve featured a web series that we weren’t really crazy over. And, no, we aren’t trying to be negative. We’re posting this cuz wwe want somebody to tell us that we’re wrong. To teach us how to appreciate what Jibber Jabber Studios has done.

After all, we are the very same TVWriter™ website that doesn’t understand ADVENTURE TIME.


We’re so ashamed.

Check out the episodes HERE.

One thought on “Peer Production: SCRATCH & SNIFF”

  1. I kind of liked the argument about Bob in the first episode. They could have opened with the man coming home. The second episode was slow and had a couple of slightly amusing lines. Combing live action with animation is hard, and I salute them for doing it on an indie budget.

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