Peer Production: (MY) IMMORTAL

Whoa. Harry Potter meets Ed Wood and/or early Joss Whedon. All we can say is – we really hope this is deliberate.

Be that as it may, this web series, now in its second season, is a hoot (Do people still use that word?):

Written, Edited and Directed by Brian Cameron McLellan

Produced by Candace Meeks

Enoby – Justine Cargo
Hermione – Jennah Foster-Catlack
Ron – Justin Kosi
Harry – Joseph Bradley
Draco – Eli Terlson
Tom – Nick Newcastle
Hargrid – Eric Evans


Tavia Pereira – Queen Of Cups
Lara Sovulj – Slytherin Girl
Samantha Levine – Prep Girl
Dani Alon – Millicent
Amie Everett – Pansy
Grace Moyer – Hufflepuff Girl
Gabriel Mansour – Vlad
Mia Husic, Emily Schooley, Ella, Marcia De, Ella Galpern, Tamara Hecht – Slytherin Students

Ooh, a website!

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  1. This was originally supposed to star **** until her agents got wind of it and put a stop to it.

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