At last! A realistic look into the unreal life of a Hollywood extra. (Which is pretty much the same as that of anyone working in any capacity in Hollywood except maybe writers, who have it even worse – not that we want to talk you out of being a writer, oh no, that’s not our style.)

Youtube tells us that this film was made by Jennifer Amorelli, and here’s what Jennifer Amorelli has to say about herself:

Hello you have crossed into my dimension. If you feel you have reached this destination in error,please play video #1. If you would like to get out please play video #2, If you are being attacked by viral videos I advise video #3 will be most likely the same. If you would like to speak to a representative note that “shit people say while waiting on the phone” video is highly recommended. or just click on a music video time passes faster.

thank you for viewing.

Our feelings on all this are pretty simple. We think Jennifer Amorelli’s a very talented filmmaker. And we think that, given her totally realistic perspective, she’d be a very good friend. (Not that we’re pushing the friend thing, oh no, that’s not our style.)