Peer Production: How Making Short Films Can Benefit Web Series Creators


by Chris Hadley

Web series have increasingly become the new calling card for undiscovered filmmakers who’ve long been hoping to break into the highly competitive film and TV industry. However, short films have always proved to be beneficial to the growth and development of writers, directors and actors alike.

In the case of the new short DANDEKAR MAKES A SANDWICH, both worlds come together in unique fashion as it combines the creative talents of two women who’ve enjoyed considerable success through a popular online sitcom – Leena Pendharkar and Jane Kelly Kosek, creators of the web series comedy OVERLY ATTACHED ANDY.

The film has successfully raised just over $7,000 through the popular crowd funding site IndieGoGo. The official pitch video for that campaign can also be viewed at the end of this article.

In addition, both Pendharkar and Kosek will shop it to various film festivals around the country and through online platforms like Short Of The Week sometime this Fall. DANDEKAR MAKES A SANDWICH will be a prequel to the full length film DAYS WITH DANDEKAR, one that Pendharkar and Kosek hope to produce sometime next year.

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