Peer Production: FIRSTS

Once again, the dedicated staffers at Snobby Robot have beaten us to the punch by writing a terrific review of a web series we TVWriter™ minions think is A-1. So have a gander at what we would have said if we’d been good enough – and fast enough – writers to say it:

by Chris Hadley

Everyone remembers their first time. Whether it’s a first date, first kiss or first night in the sack, those “firsts” are just as memorable as the one that all young lovers aspire to once they’ve consummated a relationship: the first day of married life.

Before that, however, the many speed bumps along the way to the altar are the biggest test for any young couple, and in the hilarious new comedy web series FIRSTS, one pair of lovebirds finds for themselves just how awkward and funny their “firsts” can be.

FIRSTS, which premiered the first 3 episodes of its 20 episode first season on Friday, August 1st (get the picture?) on its official web site and Youtube pages, stars series creator Courtney Rackley as Sally, a “type A” personality whose nerves and apprehension about all that could possibly go wrong as she embarks on her romantic pursuits outweighs any attempts she makes to keep cool under pressure.

In stark contrast to Sally is the relaxed, easy going hipster/geek Chuck (Troy Ruptash, IFC’s MARON), who, despite her overly cautious attitude, instantly falls in love with her and does everything he can to make their relationship a successful one.

FIRSTS also features guest appearances by acclaimed actors Joanna Going (currently First Lady Tricia Walker on Netflix’s HOUSE OF CARDS, and soon appearing in the upcoming DIRECTV mixed martial arts drama KINGDOM), James Shanklin (AMC’s HELL ON WHEELS), French Stewart (3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN, and the hit CBS comedy MOM), and Paul Cassell (Lifetime’s THE LOTTERY). The series’ first episode can be viewed at the embedded link located at the end of this article.

However, unlike many web series, FIRSTS is unique because each episode is helmed by different writers and directors. It’s a situation that provides ample opportunity for fresh perspectives, though it’s also one that presents many challenges on-set (more on that later).

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The part we bolded is what we think makes FIRSTS really important for all aspiring peer producers. Y’all definitely need to do the “Read it all” thing and check it out.