Peer Production: DOOBIE NIGHTS

The title says it all. How can anything called DOOBIE NIGHTS be anything less than sensash? Especially if you’re enjoying a doobie while you watch it? Talk about hilarity!

And, yeppers, some genuine film making skill:

Jim Vlahopoulos (Series Creator/Writer/Producer/Director)

Sam Warren (Series Creator/Writer/Director)

Mark Inducil (Director Green Out)

Kelly Sheeran (Director Cosmina/Colour Grade/VFX)

Michael Dearnley (D.O.P.)

Justin Dellevergin (Music composer)

David Szostak (1st AD)


Jim Vlahopoulos as ‘Jim’
Rohan Mirchandaney as ‘Jam’
Sam Warren as ‘Cheque Please man’
Carly Dellevergin as ‘Cheque please girl’
Chris Gaffney as ‘Doctor’ (Green Out)
Marcela Toro as ‘Cosmina’
Jeremy Koren AKA Grey Ghost as ‘Jesus’

Some of these actors may look familiar. At least they did to this TVWriter™ minion. Or was it the doobie that made them seem that way?

One thought on “Peer Production: DOOBIE NIGHTS”

  1. I didn’t know the term “doobie” before this. Unless you count the Doobie Brothers. Are you saying they engaged in illegal drug use? Anyway, stoner humor doesn’t do much for me, I guess because I have no personal experience with being stoned.

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