Peer Production: DOCTOR WHO Comic Writer is Writing New INSPECTOR Comic

InspectorComicWriterTonyLeeby Travis Richey

Greetings, Inspectators!

It’s been quite a week after our big movie news! Seeing the press response, doing interviews, and spending every spare hour at the computer running the pre-production fundraising campaign. The campaign is going well, but we still NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Even $5 helps, and if you visit the campaign, we have a way you can win free perks even if you don’t have a lot of spare moolah!

But there was at least one big announcement that flew under the radar last weekend! The intrepid space traveler who also travels through time is not only fleeing through the web series and the feature film, but is now fleeing into comic books thanks to the help of The New York Times bestselling author and comic book writer, Tony Lee!!

Tony has written for X-Men, Spider Man, Superboy, Starship Troopers, Wallace & Gromit and Shrek, and received worldwide acclaim for his scripting of the adventures of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors of Doctor Who for IDW Publishing.

“[About two years ago] I said wouldn’t it be nice to do a comic about a space traveler who could travel through time and if you were going to do it, wouldn’t it be nice if I did it?” said Lee during the Inspector Spacetime panel at the Gallifrey One convention this last February.

Then, Tony made a pronouncement that even the rest of the panelists weren’t completely expecting, when he said, ”Hi my name is Tony Lee, and I’m the writer of the ‘Untitled Comic About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time’.”

His announcement was met with a thunderous applause.

Travis Richey (“Pretty Little Liars”, “Community”) who serves as Executive Producer and star for “The Inspector Chronicles”, said he was excited to have Lee in the Inspector’s universe. ”Tony is a huge part of the Inspector fandom, having been responsible for the very first Inspector Spacetime panel at Chicago TARDIS in November of 2011! He’s a first-class writer and we are absolutely honored and thrilled to have him on board the series!” said Richey.

Richey said that Lee will give the Inspector a presence in another medium. ”We have so many comic book fans who have helped get our series off the ground that being able to share the Inspector’s adventures in the world of comic books makes a great deal of sense,” Richey said. “Especially since there are no budgetary constraints to storytelling in comics, like there are in a web series or a movie. We can go far beyond what we would otherwise be capable of!”

Lee joins the franchise along with a group of established names such as Sylvestor McCoy (“Doctor Who”, The Hobbit movies), Robert Picardo (“Star Trek: Voyager”), Chase Masterson (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”) and Mayim Bialik (“Big Bang Theory”, “Blossom”).

“Inspector fans will not be disappointed,” said Richey.

We’re thrilled to be bringing this to you, and we can’t wait to get started! But, until then:

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