Paramount Puts 100s of Films on YouTube for Free

TV sure is a changin’. As in getting further disconnected from its “lookit the box of pictures in the corner of the room” origins.

YouTube is one component of “the new TV,” with other websites serving as other components of what we may as well call a New Electronic Entertainment Paradigm, and in its never ending quest to provide us all with entertainment that keeps us from actually, you know, turning on those flat screen things manyof us still have, the Tube has made a deal with none other than Paramount Pictures.

The bottom line on this deal is that Paramount now has its own YouTube channel chock full of films like THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACEW 2, KING CREOLE, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, THE WORLD OF SUZIE WONG…well, you get it.

All the genres are represented on the channel, including classics, s-f, horror, comedy, action, serials, all that good stuff. Check out the Paramount Vault HERE. You won’t even have to tell them that TVWriter™ sent ya.