Pakistan’s 1st Professional Screenwriting Program

Time now to conclude TVWriter™’s Worldwide TV Writing Weekend with these hopeful words from Pakistan:


Qalambaaz, Pakistan’s first ever professional screenplay writing development program produced by Parveen Shah Productions and supported by filmmaker Iram Parveen Bilal is launched on August.

Having the objective of taking a concept of screen play within a period of six month, Qalambaaz was initially begun in 2014 on a relatively small level by Bilal when 6 aspiring writing enthusiasts paired off with Afia Nathaniel, Sumit Roy, Amit Kumar, Sameer Gardezi, Zak Shaikh and Musa Syeed, globally acclaimed TV and film writers, to ace their script writing & screen play skills.

At the start of six month program, Qalambaaz goes on to train writer’s value and art of pitching and selling their articles and got to industry variants, with a ‘trial by fire’ panel that includes Nadeem Mandiwalla, Wajahat Rauf, Iram Parveen Bilal and Faisal Kapadia.

“It was extremely fulfilling to see people who were just talking about their ideas they wanted to make, just eight months ago, actually having completed scripts now and to see the growth and the visualization of a possible, yet challenging journey, to translate those scripts into awe-inspiring films,” said Parveen Bilal while expressing about experiences in starting Qalambaaz last year.

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