1 1/2 Days Left to Enter the People’s Pilot & Spec Scriptacular Contests


That’s, right. Entries in the PEOPLE’S PILOT and SPEC
SCRIPTACULAR Contests are due by the end of the day
tomorrow, June 1st.

The PEOPLE’S PILOT is for spec pilot scripts for original
series. Entry forms and full info are at
http://peoplespilot.com read article

LB: What’s the Connection between the Silver Surfer and My Favorite Failed Web Site?

by Larry Brody

TVWriter.Com has been a very successful website for a very long time. But that hasn’t kept me from thinking about ways to make our little home away from home a bit more than it’s been.

Got to thinking about a website Dan Davison and I put together about five years ago. The object behind PeerProducer.Com was to – for free – teach newbies how to make the best video they could. We never really got it flying for all the reasons most people don’t get things flying. read article



The pressure is on. Less Only 3 1/2 days remain in which to
writing contests sponsored by TVWriter.Com and Manner Movie
Ltd. of Hong Kong.

Entries are due by the end of the day (the heart-pounding
stroke of midnight, Friday June 1st 2012 via the online
upload forms for each contest. read article

Cthulhu Barbie…

…Because this is exactly the kind of thing television needs.

Cthulhu Barbie

Ideas are curious creatures, flitting about near invisible taunting just out of reach anyone that could really use it.And are just as likely to sink their fangs deep into someone who wasn’t paying any attention and now has to deal with idea guts splattered all over the back of their leg and palm.My unexpected idea bite came in the form of none other than a Cthulhu Barbie (hence the title of the post).
Now what follows is the long, meandering explanation for how I went about creating this monster and maybe I’ll figure out why as I go. Crazier shit’s happened.
It began, as it oddly rarely does, with a simple photoshop project (okay technically it began when my husband and I were looking at the weird collector Barbie doll options at Toys R Us, but that doesn’t come with any pictures).

A random idea, I slapped together and tossed out into the wilderness of the internet to entertain a handful of people.

Or so I thought. Dun-dun-DUNN!!!! read article