Cthulhu Barbie…

…Because this is exactly the kind of thing television needs.

Cthulhu Barbie

Ideas are curious creatures, flitting about near invisible taunting just out of reach anyone that could really use it.And are just as likely to sink their fangs deep into someone who wasn’t paying any attention and now has to deal with idea guts splattered all over the back of their leg and palm.My unexpected idea bite came in the form of none other than a Cthulhu Barbie (hence the title of the post).
Now what follows is the long, meandering explanation for how I went about creating this monster and maybe I’ll figure out why as I go. Crazier shit’s happened.
It began, as it oddly rarely does, with a simple photoshop project (okay technically it began when my husband and I were looking at the weird collector Barbie doll options at Toys R Us, but that doesn’t come with any pictures).

A random idea, I slapped together and tossed out into the wilderness of the internet to entertain a handful of people.

Or so I thought. Dun-dun-DUNN!!!! read article



Holy crap!!!

Only 5 days left to enter the current PEOPLE’S PILOT and SPEC
SCRIPTACULAR writing contests sponsored by TVWriter.Com and
Manner Movie Ltd. of Hong Kong. Entries are due by the end of the
day, Friday, June 1st.

Yes, for those who’ve been asking because we’ve obviously been
unclear, you’ve got all day Friday to get this job done. Whew. read article

Hard at Work Here

…setting up this new version of TVWriter.Com, mostly trying to figure out how to best use the blog elements so the site can be as entertaining as it is informative. (Note to self: “Informative” is not a funny word.)

What Showbiz is All About

Been thinking about posting snippets, vids, etc. like the one above from other blogs and showbiz web pages, sort of like expanded tweets. (Hey, don’t forget to follow us.) Also about recruiting my working friends and long-time site users for blog work here. Lots of ideas percolating, but I can always use more because I’ve worked in the biz long enough to realize that picking the brains of others is, you know, easier than giving myself a headache by thinking too much. Bottom line: Your suggestions will be hotly welcomed. Either as Comments or in e-mail, whatever.

LB: I still don’t know Ken Levine…

…but he sure knows what it’s like to write for TV. Here’s what Memorial Day means to writers:

Memorial Day then staff work begins!

Happy Memorial Day. This is the time of the year when writing staffs go back to work. If you’re an aspiring TV scribe, I hope someday that’ll be you. Here’s what you can sort of expect…at least on the comedy side.

The first week will just be sharing vacation stories, home remodeling nightmares, debating the Dan Harmon firing,  trashing WHITNEY. You’ll go out for long lunches, bitch about how much other writers make, compare Prius prices, recommend apps for your iPad and iPhone, and discuss the upcoming summer movie slate. My blog might come up. Half will like it, half will think it’s a piece of shit.




Only 1 week remains in which to enter the current PEOPLE’S PILOT
and SPEC SCRIPTACULAR writing contests sponsored by TVWriter.Com
and Manner Movie Ltd. of Hong Kong. Entries are due on or before June 1,
2012 via the online upload forms for each contest. read article