Our Favorite Review of ‘Birds of Prey’

Way back in the mid 20-teens, Joshua Hudson did quite a few interesting and popular TV and film reviews for us. Imagine our joy when we discovered this particular one on his Facebook page. Hi, Josh!

by Joshua Hudson

Finally saw Birds of Prey yesterday. My initial reaction: it was a fun movie and the action sequences were fantabulous.

However, upon further dissection:

DC really struggles telling a cohesive story. The story jumps in this movie struggled to stick the landing.

They made a mistake combining Birds of Prey with Harley Quinn. They should’ve split them because BoP takes the focus away from Harley, the more well known IP.

I don’t understand why Renee Montoya was so much older than the other “heroes” (though I thought Rosie Perez did well in the role). The Huntress was a badass when she was fighting, but outside of that, was a boring character.

Canary was solid but they only gave us one real nod to her comic book counterpart.

Black Mask was an okay villain, but hardly menacing to a point where they needed a big team up to take him down.

There were plenty of fun moments with Harley and her zany persona making it feel to me like I was watching a Jimmy Palmioti/Amanda Conner comic in live action.

All in all, I’d recommend seeing it if you take it for what it is. But financially speaking, DC really dropped the ball on something that could’ve been a much greater financial success.

So glad you posted this, Josh. We completely agree. Which reminds us. When are you going to return to TVWriter™? When? When? And, yeppers, when?

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