munchman: Oscar Winner Diablo Cody Gives Us All Some Advice

…And we’re publishing it cuz let’s face it, Oscar-winning writers have a tendency to know a helluva lot more about writing than mere munchmen:

diablo codyby Rachel Simon

To some people, Diablo Cody disappeared off the face of the earth sometime in 2008, right after she won an Oscar for penning JunoSure, they might’ve heard something about a new movie here or there, but when nothing became as big asJuno, they (wrongly) assumed Cody left Hollywood. To those who’ve paid attention, though, it’s clear that the filmmaker has been everywhere these last few years: writing, directing, producing (not to mention giving birth to two kids) and, most recently, sharing her secrets with Glamour’s Cindi Leive about building an “unconventional career path” and what lessons she has for women looking to have their own Juno-like breakthroughs. All ladies, whether filmmakers or not, should take note; these are coming from the woman who’s making a rock star movie with Meryl Streep, after all. Cody’s best pieces of advice:


The woman born as Brook Busey-Maurio changed her name early on in her career, when she was just beginning to blog and wasn’t yet a published author. She chose a “cool and intimidating” pseudonym for the purpose of Internet anonymity, but looking back, making the change so early, before she was established as a writer, “was honestly such a mistake.”


Cody knew she wanted to be a writer since she was a child, but when she graduated from college, she found herself working at an ad agency. And despite the “safety net” of her job and the feeling that it was what she was supposed to be doing, she decided to take a leap.

“I wanted to do something totally different and unexpected and scary,” she said. So she wrote.


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3 thoughts on “munchman: Oscar Winner Diablo Cody Gives Us All Some Advice”

  1. Sorry, but …why is it relevant to this article that Cody used to be a “sex-worker”?

    So relevant that it’s mentioned twice in the header?

    If you “disapprove” of her former profession as a stripper, why not celebrate her for pulling herself up by her bootstraps, getting out of that realm, and becoming a popular, celebrated, award-winning writer? “Hey look, this woman made it, she changed her own destiny, she WON — and in Hollywood, a true boy’s town, if ever there was one!”

    And if you don’t disapprove of stripping — if a woman is a PERSON, equal to any man, and allowed to do whatever she wants with her body (including make a living with it) — then why mention it at all?

    And not for nuthin’, but according to wikipedia, Cody was what’s called a “feminist stripper” — stripping has a long history of female empowerment, too, I might add (see Gypsy Rose Lee) — and Cody largely used that experience to fuel her writing. She also has a Master’s Degree in Media Studies from the University of Iowa. First published book by the age of 27. Has an Academy Award; had her own show on Showtime. In other words …she’s kicking MY ass (and a whole bunch of us!) in the writing department, regardless of whether she used to take her clothes off, or make double-pump Venti carmel macchiato’s, to make ends meet.

    Your header smacks of “slut shaming”, guys — uncool.

  2. You’re right. I apologize for taking the absolutely wrong tack in my intro of this article. Won’t happen again.

    In other words, thanks for reminding me of a number of things I should never have let myself forget.


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