Only 2 Months Left to Enter the 2014 Spec Scriptacular Contest

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Time now for a friendly reminder:

Two months sounds like a lot, we know. But not if you’ve still got to do the writing for the contest. And what better time to start – and finish – than now?

TVWriter™’s Spec Scriptacular contest has been around for well over a decade. This year marks the 20th running. It’s for spec episodes of current and/or recent series, plus original one-shot scripts with potential as TV movies and/or specials of any length.

There are over $10,000 worth of prizes and entry bonuses, including free feedback re where your script stacks up in terms of Industry standards and contest competitors.

In just the past couple of years, Winners, Finalists, or Semi-Finalists of the TVWriter™ contests have been on the staffs of CHICAGO PD, CHICAGO FIRE, PERSON OF INTEREST, THE WALKING DEAD, RIZZOLI AND ISLES, GREY’S ANATOMY, ROME, NTSF:SD:SUV, KILLER WOMEN, ANIMAL PRACTICE, and THE LEFTOVERS. And that’s only the winners who’ve stayed in touch.

To agents and showrunners, solidly written spec scripts are the currency for getting into the TV and film business. And one of the best ways to demonstrate that solidity is for the script to finish at or near the top of – you guessed it – the Spec Scriptacular.

There’s lots more to tell about this highly respected contest, but our marketing maven says we should keep our e-mails as short as possible. So here are some links where you can find out all the rest:


More about the prizes HERE.

Read the Winning Scripts for 2013 HERE.

Enter the 2014 PEOPLE’S PILOT HERE.

Hope you enter!

2 thoughts on “Only 2 Months Left to Enter the 2014 Spec Scriptacular Contest”

  1. WOW! Think of how far I could’ve got if you had been around when I was a struggling writer. Wait a second! You were around, and writing with me!!! And I’m STILL STRUGGLING!!! gs

    1. Look at it this way, Ger. I only recently found the true secret to avoiding the writing struggle.

      I stopped writing.

      Just another friendly tip from:


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