OMG! We Get Another Chance to Watch BULLET IN THE FACE


Way back in 2013, TVWriter™’s Beloved Leader, Larry Brody, waxed rhapsodic (really, that’s a phrase; we saw it in a book) about the then new TV series BULLET IN THE FACE, created, written, and produced by Brody bud Alan Spencer.

Unfortunately for all of us, including Alan, the show didn’t last very long and by 2014 access was limited to its official DVD. But now – wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles! –  this totally irreverent, completely off the wall comedy is ready to be viewed by discerning aficionados everywhere because all 6 episodes are now being streamed, live on Shout Factory TV, a new website dedicated to making all of us forget Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

Time now to click over to ShoutFactoryTV.Com and roll back the clock all the way to 2013. Discover a show so outrageous that you’ll swear you’ve died and gone to crazy, zany hipster heaven. Oh, and there are a few more complete TV series and films on the site as well, including FATHER KNOWS BEST, HILL STREET BLUES, MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER, SAPPHIRE AND STEEL, THE MANY LOVES OF DOBIE GILLIS…

Sorry, but we’ve got to stop now and cool ourselves off. Been betting way to excited here. Time to sit back with a few episodes of WEBSTER and chill….