Oh God – Another Writing Gig Being Offered on Craigslist


The headline of this ad we just spotted in the L.A. Craig’slist is “Seeking Writing Partner for gay-Themed Action/Thriller content TV/Film (Hollywood) so the good news is that the advertiser has the lingo down and is in the right location.

The bad news is the bit about the advertiser looking for “total collab with the right chemistry.” But that could just be this particular TVWriter™ minion’s personal quirk. I mean, “total collab” doesn’t have to mean “hookup,” does it?

Here’s the pitch:

I’m in the market for a new writing partner for gay themed thrillers sprinkled w/ comedy (TV series and/or film, possibly with comic series attached). The LGBTQI community is sorely underrepresented in this genre but action movies like Green Lantern, Deadpool, Huntsman, etc are edging on it. Not necessarily looking to do a comic but more of a Sucker Punch mind fuck adventure that takes the audience down an Inception narrative labrynth. So, quality plus unapologetic gay (and cys) sexuality. I have studied sketch & TV writing and have written 2 features, one in development. Must have a solid grasp of screenwriting structure, a great work ethic and a ton of ideas. Want to go all the way here with monetizing the fun! I’m an actor mainly but know how to write and create worlds. Hit me up either with writing samples or an explanation of experience. Looking to have 2x per week writing sessions. Total collab with the right chemistry.

I hope this is real and still available, and that’s a true fack. If you think it could be right for you, and you for it, the place to reply from is HERE

Let us know what happens, okay?