Now Charlie Kaufman & Dan Harmon Have a Kickstarter Project

So, uh, Kickstarter no longer is for you and me? I mean, how do we compete for the bucks when it’s rapidly becoming overrun with stars? Deserving stars, we don’t doubt. But still…

The deadly duo

Charlie Kaufman Pens Stop-Motion Animated Film ‘Anomalisa,’ ‘Community’ Creator Dan Harmon Exec-Producing
by Oliver Lyttelton

Charlie Kaufman might be having some issues getting his next directorial effort, “Frank Or Francis,” up and running, but he’s not exactly lacking for work. The writer of “Adaptation” and “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” is adapting young-adult novel “The Knife Of Letting Go” for Lionsgate, and he’s developing an HBO series starring Catherine Keener. And now, he’s moving into new territory with some very, very interesting collaborators.

As pointed out by sometime Playlist contributor @williambgoss on Twitter, a Kickstarter page popped up today for a project called “Anomalisa,” a stop-motion animated film written by Kaufman, his first incursion away from live-action. And he’s teamed up with Starburns Industries to get the film made. What does that mean? Well, as the title might give away to fans, it means a “Community” tie-in, with the cult sitcom’s creator and former showrunner, Dan Harmon, along with his friend and sometime collaborator Dino Stamatopolous, who played the occasional character of Starburns on the series, as well as being a consulting producer. But he’s probably best known as the man behind cult Adult Swim animation “Moral Orel” and “Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole.”

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Hey, let’s look at the bright side. Maybe Kaufman and Harmon won’t get along and they’ll have to refund the money. Which will mean a little something still available for the likes of…us. (New writers “us,” not TVWriter™ “us.” Okay, boss?)

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