Nikki Finke is Back on the Interwebs

hollywood dementia Capture

Nikki Finke is back with a new website, terrifically named Hollywood Dementia, and she wants us to help her.

Well, some of us anyway. Here’s her official “Help Wanted” post:

The official launch of my for showbiz short fiction written by insiders like myself will take place on July 6th. So now we’re moving into Phase Two.

Writers, please don’t hesitate to reach out to with your short bios and bonafides so I can decide whether to invite you to submit on spec. Already 50 film and TV scribes, actors, lawyers, journalists, and authors are writing for the site!

Amazing illustrators – many of them storyboard artists – have reached out to me already. But I need more.  If your art is modern and edgy and adult and colorful, realistic or abstract, please get in touch with me as soon as possible because I have paid work for you that will get seen all over Hollywood.

I also am in need of voiceover actors and actresses to record Hollywood Dementia podcasts. Please apply to

If you don’t know who Nikki Finke is and aren’t aware of what she means to both the entertainment and interweb industries, then you need to find out quick – HERE

Get it from another perspective (Nikki’s) HERE

Actually, both versions are kind of whitewashed, with the Wikipedia bio especially cleaned-up. Fact is, Ms. Finke’s work over the years has engendered equal amounts of love and hatred from those she writes about and those who read what she writes. If she wants other writers to step up to the plate now, then we’re all for it. Bitch is fearless,  you know? And that’s something this site is very glad to encourage.

Get thyself over to Hollywood Dementia NOW!