New TV Writers Do Get Staff Jobs: Here’s How Rachel Lewis Did It

Good news, gang. Lightning does strike. Newbies do get into the business. And reading about the noobs (altho probably not the lightning) is definitely food for a struggling soul. So sit back and let yourself be inspired:

Odd-Squad-PBS-tvwriter.comby Lissette Schuster

Rachel Lewis is an actress, writer, and comedian who recently got her first television staff writing job on the live action comedy kids show “Odd Squad”, which premieres September 2014 on PBS. Rachel grew up in Montana, graduated from the University of Wisconsin for Theater, and immediately moved to Chicago where she trained at Second City and IO, which she says is where she got her chops as both a comedian and a writer. She adds, “In Chicago they train you that if you want to be in shows, you have to write them yourself!” I met with Rachel for some coffee in West Hollywood where we chatted about her transition from improv to writing and how she used creating her own content to push her career to the next level.

“I always have two bits of advice”, Rachel says. “One is to do what YOU think you should be doing, because everybody’s path is so different. There’s no one set way to get where you want to be.” Doing the work that you’re passionate about and allowing that work to carve your own path is the key to opening up the doors for what YOU like to do and the career YOU want to have. When Rachel first moved to LA, she received some advice that has been her motto ever since: “Keep your eyes on your own paper!” She adds, “Have laser focus on what you’re working on, and don’t pay attention to what other people are doing because it’s never going to work the same way for you.”

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