New Science Fiction Channel Announced

We would’ve liked the heading here to be “New Science Fiction Channel Coming,” but there’s many a slip twixt the announcement and the lip as somebody or other (maybe even a couple of people) once said:

The Digital Development Group Corp. (DIDG) (“DigiDev”or the “Company”), a hybrid content licensing and technology company offering a wide array of niche content for Internet enabled devices, today announced the signing of an agreement with the Sci-Fi Station® for the development of the Sci-Fi Station® OTT Channel.

“Having been involved with the science fiction and fantasy genre all of my film producing and directing life, I am really looking forward to launching the Sci-Fi Station® OTT channel with The Digital Development Group. My relationship with the principals of DigiDev goes back almost 2 decades. We are now working very hard populating the channel with many of the great classic, rare hard to find, unusual and seminal works of the genre which will include motion pictures, television, and supporting documentaries that are sure to delight and entertain viewers of all ages,” stated Arnold Leibovit founder and owner of the®.

“The Sci-Fi Category would be on anybody’s top ten list for content acquisitions,” stated Martin W. Greenwald, CEO of DigiDev. “As a genre, Science Fiction attracts a global audience of all age groups. Its universal appeal leads me to believe that this could be one of our fastest growing channels.”

“In addition, the access to Arnold, a person who has lived and breathed Science Fiction for decades, will ensure a very rich experience for our subscribers as he curates a channel around his vision,” continued Mr. Greenwald. The Channel is expected to launch by December of this year.

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Arnold Leibovit has been a friend of TVWriter™ and our boss, LB, for many years. All of us here are quite excited about this announcement and hope, hope, hope it works out! (Hey, Arnold, get in touch. We love sci-fi and are happy to work for free peanuts um, cheap.)