New, Improved 2016 PEOPLE’S PILOT Opens Today!

tv_writer_peoples_pilot_smby Larry Brody

At last! The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Well, the moment we at TVWriter™ have been waiting for, that’s for sure. The 2016 PEOPLE’S PILOT contest, one of the longest running – if not the longest running – pilot competitions on the interwebs, is now open!

The PP has been around for over 16 years, since the summer of 2000, and as the TV Industry has changed we’ve changed along with it. This time around, we’ve retooled the contest to match the changes in entertainment that have sprung up so recently, making the PEOPLE’S PILOT not just a “television writing” contest, but one for shows intended for any and all entertainment media.

Whether the series you are creating is intended for broadcast TV, cable and satellite, TV, home entertainment/video game consoles, Big Media interweb outlets like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, or indie web channels and venues like YouTube, Vimeo, Funny or Die, or the show’s own website, it’s eligible for the new PEOPLE’S PILOT.

Similarly, we’re open for entries regardless of what length you envision the episodes being or how many episodes you anticipate producing and/or selling to another entity to produce.

And as for genres, well, that too is entirely open. Whether your series is drama, comedy, action, dramedy, an anthology, for adults, for young adults, for children, live action, animation, puppets – you name it and the PEOPLE’S PILOT wants to see it.

In terms of categories, we’ve expanded from two to three. These include:

1) Scripted Series 1/2 Hour or Less (no matter how much less)
2) Scripted Series Longer than 1/2 Hour (up to 1 Hour long)
3) Scripted Series Longer than 1 hour

In other words, scripts for shows that about anything that are intended to be broadcast anywhere, and will play from, oh, a few seconds to several hours long are cordially invited!

Practically speaking, other changes include:


TVWriter™ is now offering over $20,000 in prizes and entry bonuses. Here are the prizes in each category:


2 weeks of 1-On-1 Career Coaching (by phone, e-mail, or, if possible, in person with producer-writer Larry Brody of TVWriter™ ($700 value)

US $500 from Manner Movie Ltd.

1 Script Consultation from Script Pipeline ($395 value)

Free admission to  Larry Brody’s Online TV and Film Writing Master Class ($279 value)

1 year of Gold Plan Spotlighted Screenplay Posting Service at ScreenwriterShowcase.Com ($84 value)

1 InkTip Script Listing so that producers and reps can find you ($65 value)

1 InkTip Magazine Logline Listing to make your presence known in print ($40 value)

Inclusion in the vaunted TVWriter.Com List of Recommended Writers (priceless)


1 free 1-On-1 Career Coaching Session (by phone, e-mail, or in person with producer-writer Larry Brody of  TVWriter™ ($350 value)

US $100, courtesy of Manner Movie, Ltd.

1 InkTip Script Listing so that producers and reps can find you

Inclusion in the TVWriter™ List of Recommended Writers


US $50, courtesy of Manner Movie, Ltd.

New! 1 InkTip Script Listing so that producers and reps can find you

Inclusion in the TVWriter™ List of Recommended Writers

And then there are these bonuses just for entering:


After the Winners are announced, all entrants will receive an e-mail containing the actual score given by the judges, an explanation of what its point value means, and the judges’ general reaction to the entry. ($100 value)


All entrants will receive a PDF file of Larry Brody’s Storytelling Patterns in Genre Films booklet, a guide to outlining screenplays and teleplays by using established story patterns and essential scenes that is available literally nowhere else on or off the web. (priceless)


The regular entry fee is $50 for each submission, with an Early Bird Special fee of only $35 for everyone entering in March and April. We also have a new Duo Discount that allows you to pay for 2 entries at the same time for a total payment of only $85 after the Early Bird Special expires. As in past years, we urge you to take advantage of the discounts even if your entry or entries won’t be ready before the discount period ends. You can upload your submissions at any time until the contest closes.

The 2016 PEOPLE’S PILOT will be open for 8 full months and closes at midnight, November 1, 2016.


The Enter Page is HERE

Email me personally with any questions HERE